Getting a Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer

If you ask me, there is more to selecting a good fitness gym than it appears. It’s really not so much about what type of fitness equipment a gym has to offer and it certainly is also not so much about the normally very small difference when it comes to gym membership costs.

For me, the most important criterium when selecting a gym is what the gym can actually offer that will *really* benefit my needs and requirements.

And one of the most important things to me is that I know that I have qualified help with my routines since, well, I am not a fitness expert and I guess that most people are not. They simply want to get fit and in shape like I am.

There are several ways to go about this.

You choose a gym that offers courses where you can join up with a number of like-minded people together with a good trainer. This is always good fun since it can also be a good way to socialize with people.

Another good option is finding a gym where they can give you a personal trainer. This guy (or gal) can then help you with your exercise routines and depending on what you want to do can even lay out a plan so you can reach your goal effectively.

Yes, it may be the case that a personal trainer may cost you more than a simple gym membership, but this is where you need to take the real benefit into account. Simply going into a gym and then not knowing what to do is really pretty worthless, the same would be the case if you go to your gym and then start doing random exercises which won’t even help you with your fitness goals. The trainer can help you to spend your time in the gym a lot better!

So, if you’re like me and want to maximize your free time to do something good for your health and fitness, consider whether a personal trainer wouldn’t be the much better choice!

At Hackney personal trainer you can find more helpful information should you happen to live in East London.

Legal Street Art for Bristol

street art

Bristol, the home of Bansky, has long seen tension between its numerous street artists and the authorities. Bristol’s mayor is now wanting to work together with some street artists in order to create a network of legal graffiti walls where artists can create their pieces without fear of prosecution.

Bristol’s council was now given a list of 56 walls across the city that artists think they should be be allowed to paint on. On Monday, a delegation of Bristol street artists will meet with the city council. Street Artis object (real name Benoit Bennet) said that he hoped that these legal walls would set an end to the cat-and-mouse game artists often play with the authorities. He also stated that this move is to increase the quality of the work.

“Street art is one of the things that drew me to Bristol. Spotting new work is one of my favourite experiences moving through the city, and my very favourite thing to do here is make public artwork on the streets.” he was cited.

The Singing Waiters

It was at Mary Jo’s wedding where I had pleasure to see The Singing Waiters for the first time. As soon as The Singing Waiters started with their amazing performance, I knew that I needed to convince Jackie to book those guys for her own wedding reception.

Jackie was at first a little upset because she had already planned everything in detail. So here was I, basically telling her to scratch whatever she thought about for her reception’s musical entertainment and get The Singing Waiters instead. She also seemed a little upset at the idea that The Singing Waiters would cost a little more than band she was about to hire.

This is when I told her that it doesn’t make any sense to me that she spent a fortune on everything else but wants to save some money on their music. I told her that is often the music which can make or break such an event and that I really don’t think it’s very smart trying to save right there.

She was still a little uncertain about my proposal until she did a little research on their own about The Singing Waiters. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for her to change her opinion and she is now absolutely agreeing with my stance on this.

In case you don’t know who The Singing Waiters are: those guys are the United Kingdom’s best surprise entertainers by a long shot. They are incredibly popular in all the major cities in the UK. In other words, The Singing Waiters would be best choice for every type of family events like weddings or birthdays. If you see them like I did, you will understand why The Singing Waiters are so popular today.


Disposing of Your Old Mattress and Appliances

large-itemsIf you want to dispose of your old mattress or if you need to get rid of large appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines or large furniture pieces you cannot simply put them out on the street and expect someone to pick them up. In fact, doing so could get you in trouble.

Dumping mattresses or furniture pieces is illegal in the United Kingdom. However, you can apply for a special collection of large waste items here on this website:

Simply enter your ZIP Code to get all the required information. Most councils in the United Kingdom will collect your waste items such as sofas, mattresses or washing machines for a fee.

How Does Art Fare in Our Public Schools?

Drama Class LS

How does art fare in our public schools?

Let me tell you, not good at all! I was looking at more than a half-dozen of state schools here in our area when I was looking for a school for our two girls. Coming from a family where we always value art and want to nurture it whenever we can, my impression from our public schools was less than stellar, to say it mildly.

The public schools I looked at all offered merely one hour per week of art education. I ask, how would this one hour be sufficient to bring out the creativity of our children? This is simply not enough.

When I started to look into the option of sending our children to a private school I had a much better impression. To be honest, I was very impressed about what those private schools offered to children in addition to their standard classes. Both of those schools offered a variety of courses that ranged from theatre plays to painting, pottery and many more.

As compared to state schools they furthermore have frequent excursions to museums  and exhibitions on their schedule.

I am aware that the good private schools here in the United Kingdom come with a drawback, that is of course that they cost money. Then again, if you think about it, would you really want to save money when it comes to how your children will be able to grow up?

In my opinion, your children potentials and interests need to be actively supported and nurtured. If this should cost money, then it is an investment that it’s more than worth-wile, if you ask me.

Whether it’s your children’s interest in art, music or other things, seeing that our public school system is lacking in this regard you might also want to look into a private school if that’s an option for your family. Our choice for  our children is Kingshottschool, one of the good private schools in Hertfordshire. I’m sure you will find equally good private school in your area.