Legal Street Art for Bristol

street art

Bristol, the home of Bansky, has long seen tension between its numerous street artists and the authorities. Bristol’s mayor is now wanting to work together with some street artists in order to create a network of legal graffiti walls where artists can create their pieces without fear of prosecution.

Bristol’s council was now given a list of 56 walls across the city that artists think they should be be allowed to paint on. On Monday, a delegation of Bristol street artists will meet with the city council. Street Artis object (real name Benoit Bennet) said that he hoped that these legal walls would set an end to the cat-and-mouse game artists often play with the authorities. He also stated that this move is to increase the quality of the work.

“Street art is one of the things that drew me to Bristol. Spotting new work is one of my favourite experiences moving through the city, and my very favourite thing to do here is make public artwork on the streets.” he was cited.