How Modern Technology Can Help Prevent Fires Outdoors

fcam2In previous times, outdoor fire protection had been quite a challenge.

A good example for this can be forests where visual spotting of fires by guards high up in a tower had been the only way of fire detection.

But of course, forests are not the only locations that can be at the risk for fires. Think about any sorts of outdoor spaces where reliable fire detection in the past had been a problem, from soccer stadiums to parking lots or beach resorts, just to name a few examples.

In recent times however, new technology has emerged that is now making outdoor fire detection a lot easier. Fire detection cameras can now detect fires in all those places where conventional smoke alarms and other fire detection systems will not work.

Digital fire cameras are essentially normal video cameras that are equipped with special software for image analyses. The software can spot fires from the view of the camera in real time, with modern fire cameras being able to detect a fire less than 20 seconds from when it breaks out.

But the ability of fire cameras to detect fires where it hadn’t been possible in previous times isn’t the only advantage. For industrial, commercial and residential use, implementing a fire camera into an existing CCTV system is also very easy. One can simply replace existing video cameras with a fire camera so that the new device can then also function as a normal CCTV camera, in addition to its fire detecting abilities. Moreover, fire cameras work entirely automatically and once installed don’t need any supervision or maintenance.

Fire cameras may not be able to prevent fires outdoors. But they can spot fires quickly and can alert responders automatically which greatly helps keep damages from fires at the minimum.